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The Only 4G Superhighway Satellite Internet In Africa


RA-NECOM 4G Unlimited Surf- Unlimited Calling Worldwide @ONLY $14USD/Month= 0.45/Day=$0.018/H=$0.0004/Min = $0.000005/ Sec. RA-NECOM 6 times better than Skype and others... This is RA-NECOM 4G USA Revolutionary Hi-Tech-Telecoms ever

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  • Our Revolutionary Calling Platform combines all : Laptop to Laptop, Laptop to phones, Phone to phone, laptop to phone with our International Numbers from the USA, Europe or any other Industrialized nations provided whether you are a "resident of the USA" or not. Do the Maths $14USD/Month=$0.45/Day =$0.018/H=$0.0004/Min.=$0.000005/Sec. Unlimitted Surf, Unlimitted Calling Worldwide is much much lesser than NO ONE HAS IT or can offer it to you Sir