World Bank/ IMF-REMEMBER AFRICA INC.-Boards of Governors-Washington-DC-USA

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We All MUST gather to seriously get into Action to Work for a World Free of Poverty & Hatred. Thank you All” Dr. Caroline Hoth
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Washington DC, this October 10th, 2016 at The World Bank Group &IMF (International Monetary Fund)’Building, RA’s WBG/IMF  Boards of Governors’ Meetings’ Invitation from October 3rd to 9th , 2016 is live and effective through its dynamic International Representation.This prestigious Joint Invitation Event addressed to Madam The Honorable President & Chief Executive Officer (P/CEO) Dr. Caroline Hoth, Our Most Honorable Chairman Dr. Monroe Yale Mann, Esq. The African Representative/S.I.O Joe Douxon M. ICs ,VPs, and RA International Board of Directors is landing in RA International Inc. USA just after our Prestigious Invitation to Capitol Hill-US Congress-ecommerce International Coalition (…).The World Bank Group & IMF’s Special Invitations to Washington D.C. as officially & clearly sampled here below addressed to our President & CEO Dr. Caroline Hothis to encourage RA’s Programs' Implementation, as well  as, the achievement of her challenging Mission in Africa, USA, Latin America, Europe, Caribbean’s, Asia, etc., while innovating, reinventing a Better World for the Underprivileged; and reinvesting it all back to RA’s Pragmatic Humanitarian Socio-Numeric-Economic-Develop ment Missions that substantially will improve the Lives of all Peoples and World Communities through Education, Healthcare, AGOA, Clean Energy, Hi-Tech-Telecommunications, Digitized & Numeric Economic, FREE Professional Training at All ages, Ethics, Marketing, Love, Management & Good Governance for US All!
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WBG President Jim Yong Kim & IMF Managing CEO Christine Lagarde  speak at October 7 Plenary Session Boards of Governors’ Annual Meetings-Washington-DC