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Capitol Hill-US Congress/Senate-Trade- eCommerce-Coalition Lobby Events’ Fruits

To All RA Members between 2008-2014 With No Discrimination or Favoritism!


Contacts: VP/SATP Dr. Gee Smith –VP1James Mc. -John Emmanuel E. Int’l Coordination–Info.&Com. Team

New York, New York, May 23rd  , 2016(New York City), The Honorable President/Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Dr. Caroline Hoth, Most Honorable Chairman Dr. Monroe Yale Mann, Esq, & Board of Directors meeting after their Prestigious Invitation to Capitol Hill-US Congress/Senate & White House Special International Trade Lobby Day- eCommerce World Coalition Event last May 11th, 2016, have decided to retain the Good Fruits and Donation-Earnings to RA’s Members, Member-Employees and Shareholders to continue reinvesting back to RA’s Pragmatic Humanitarian Socio-Economic-Development Missions that continues bettering the lives of all Peoples and their Communities ( and ), especially in poor US/Europe Communities; and in Under-developed countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Caribbean’s, etc.
This is First ever Good Financial Structure for this Category of Organization in the World of Social-Financial-Economic-Development; being developed under the Highest Efficient Leadership of Honorable Dr. Caroline Hoth, President and Chief Executive Officer of RA International, Inc., NEVER, EVER happened in any Humanitarian Organization’s Management History,  will bring sustainable Financial Investment and Economic-Equilibrium-Support to millions of Talented, Creative, and Hard Working Members of our Organization (Juniors or Seniors, with no discrimination)…That was stated by Dr. Caroline Hoth in her speech at Capitol Hill-US Congress/Senate-White House on International Trade Day Lobby- e-Commerce Coalition.



  1. Declaration Date: On May, 23rd, 2016, the Organization declares, it will pay its regular dividend based on the Accumulated Shares, Fields’ Results, Show Support/Love Products, Services and Equipment’s Acquisition, Hard Work to all its Member-employees, Members and Shareholders of record in Good Membership Status between year 2008 to December 2015 starting IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Ex-Dividend Date for the CASH Dividend Payment is June 28th, 2016 (All the Shareholders-of-Record Date with RA Savings Accounts, Bill of Shares Certificate, Show Support Love Better Life RA’s Hi-Tech Equipment’s, Products’ Investments, Donations’ ORIGINAL receipts, Fields’ Promotional Results) MUST be submitted to RA’s Financial Departments before the Ex-Dividend date of June 28th, 2016 at 5:00PM in your respective timing and countries by professionally applying “first come, first served”.
  3. On June 28th, 2016, LATEST, New Member-employees, Members, or /and Shareholders will have No Right to CASH Dividend Payment of this year 2016; if all their files are not submitted to RA. However, they still will be authorized to renew their Membership, purchase more Shares, RA Equipment’s, Products, Services, make more Fields’ Results, and continue volunteering or working with RA International Inc. based on RA’s Rules, Regulations and Handbooks for confirmed RA’s Member- employees, Members & Shareholders for the next CASH Dividend Payment Declaration Date next year 2017. 

  4. At the close of business on June 28th, 2016 at 5:00PM (your time) all Member-employees, Members, Shareholders of RA’s 1st Free Investment Bill of Shares Certificates/CASH Dividends’ Payment will finally be recorded and all their correct files will be meticulously and carefully reviewed by Members of Board and Presidency with all original data in our Financial, Security, Database & Information, Treasury, Controller’s Departments.
  5. CASH Dividend Payment Amounts: Those payment amounts have been aggregated up to $3,500,000,000USD on their 1st CASH Payment Plan this year 2016-2017; and are paid on a prorate basis according to all RA’s Members’ Original Bills of Shares Certificates, Field results, amount of accumulated shares in performances, President’s Rewards in all categories, Volunteerism/Presence, Daily and Good Reports, Donations, Show Good Faith Support & Love RA’s Equipment, Products, Services’ Investments, and all other  Official and Legal Documentations issue by RA, as well as Ambassadors’ Medals received by RA’s Member-employees, Members, and Shareholders in Good Membership Status  up to date. A giant table of all these different categories will be set up  with each member/Shareholder’s to summarize all their achieved record in comparison with RA’s records and database for each year since 2008…All your RA’s Products, Services and Equipment(physical) with receipts will be required to complete your files for your CASH Dividend Payment.
  6. Payment Date: All those RA’s Members and Shareholders will receive their Dividend Payment in CASH (unless other advised by Accounts-Holder to RA Officers), after all reviews and confirmation between November 30th,2016 to December 30th, 2016 this year with no Discrimination or Favoritism.

  7. Information Date: Email of Confirmation of your CASH Dividend Payment will be forwarded to your electronic mail box that you MUST have CORRECT and UPDATED while submitting your files to RA’s Officer. Starting September 30th, to October 15th ,2016, RA Information and Communication an Administrative Departments will email the Dividend Payment Information to the all Members and Shareholders of 2016 Record for the CASH DIVIDEND PAYMENT Dates that will take place in RA’s Headquarters in New York and in any other places where RA’s offices are active. A Gala CASH Dividend Payment Ceremony will be organized and celebrated as First Time EVER before or on December 20th, 2016 depending on each country’s culture for end of year’s celebrations. Invite more people to become Shareholders for RA to continue benefiting of RA and  bettering their lives through our unique and wonderful programs.
     ”We thank all our Partners and different Governments, Powerful Organizations, Companies and Members in supporting and believing in US and RA through my Humble Persona, during our difficult moments of tough labor… Today, a long-heralded-milestone is demonstrating that going through hardship doesn’t necessarily means, you are “finished” and will Never climb the mountains you used to climb again…Today, we showcase, we're even doing it better..” Dr. Hoth smiley stated again. “Here we go again, so happy, so fulfilled Ladies and Gentlemen, my Dear and Loving Friends with much Love and Innovation from our own Beautiful Minds….What a Great Life!”  Dr. Hoth “Thank you all Dearest Members and Colleagues who have stayed in RA with me in all Perseverance, Resiliency, and Determination with Fantastic Results today and for a Better Tomorrow for our Children and Great-Grand-Children…I’m loving it, aren’t you? Dr. Hoth laughing “This is your Faith’s Compensation in me…Thank you so much Honorable Chairman Dr. Monroe Yale Mann,…. my Dear Family, my Good Brother Joe Douxon, all my Daughters, Sons, Homonyms who love me and highly believed in me (You’re so many, I’m so blessed with you all…) and have allowed me to guide and teach you all a New World of Better Life of Hi-Tech 4G Humanitarian Knowledge with Humility, Love and Hard Work Results” Stated the emotional Dr. Caroline Hoth.
     “…Today is big-shaky-milestone for RA and its President… another RA History Making through Dr. Caroline Hoth’s dynamic Leadership… I’ve never seen Dr. Hoth so beautiful and happy… this means a lot to all of us, but more to Caroline; certainly of what she has gone through with hard work and determination as the most resilient Human Being, I’ve never met, after all these years of my seniority as a General/Colonel of US Army in wars… and the Most Senior Lawyer/Prosecutor in America, and probably around the World… Dr. Caroline Hoth, I’m proud to follow you and to have you next to me as my President and CEO all these years…You’re a TRUE Leader Madam The President &CEO…” Stated the Happiest Dr. Monroe Y. Mann talking about Dr. Hoth during this Capitol Hill-US Congress Special Lobby Day Event.

     Dear RA’s Members & Shareholders, get ready for your 2017 Dividends CASH Payment. It’s REAL, SWEET; and you can earn really BIG next time by just being in Good Standing Status, Showing more Love & Support to RA’s Products & Services. Because all you spent on RA, Comes Back to You. Invest in all Security in Yourself, for your children and Generations to come for A Better Community Life and a Better World.
     Stay Connected with No Fear…For Only the Sky’s Your Limit.  Where there’s No Vision, The People Perish!
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Update Your Yearly Membership @$360/Year & M-E & Kids@$260/Year  & Yield Yourself With BIG CASH
Up to $100,000+/Year*for Lifetime
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Benefits of Free Investments CASH DIVIDENDS PAYMENT Plan Brought To You By:
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1.    Calculate Your Top Regular & Lump sum Income over Years of Your Investments & Contracts with or no Collaterals
2.    Choose Dividends Payment Plan Periods as per Your Investments’ Amounts, Certificates, Results, Good Attitude
3.    Convenience Payment Options with Save Tax in RA Savings Accounts@10% Rates/Year With no Withdrawals
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*This is A Sample Illustration For Yearly CASH Dividends Payment With Joy To All 
RA Members, Donors & Investors

Uses of Information: Our RA Easy policy/Database/Information is committed to ensuring that your privacy-plan is protected. We ask you to physically provide certain information before our Representation by which you can be identified when using any of our forms in getting your Cash Dividends Payments, and then you can be assured that your information will only be used in accordance with our privacy statement. We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you and online. We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you access our system and websites.

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"Where There Is No Vision The People Perish"