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Letter From British PM Theresa May to Dr. Caroline Hoth; President/CEO of RA Inc.


Hello Dr. Caroline 
We’re pleased to say we’ve finally received a response from Prime Minister Theresa May to the petition you and 50,000 other supporters signed last autumn.
In her letter to our Chief Executive, Michael G., she says that her government is 'committed to creating a trade policy that will work for everyone, including the world’s poorest.'
We’ve now got a clear commitment to ensuring the UK’s trade works for the poorest. But the campaign isn’t over yet.
Liam Fox, our new International Trade Secretary, has already started informal trade talks with over ten countries including China, Australia and the US.
And we know that commitments can crumble when negotiations get down to the details.
If he brokers a trade deal that favours a wealthier country, it could destroy the livelihoods of farmers in poorer countries who currently rely on the UK as their biggest market.
Tell Liam Fox he must make sure our trade works for everyone – 
But Brexit presents Liam Fox with a big opportunity to deliver even better trade that brings prosperity to the poorest countries around the world as well as the UK.
Tell him he must seize this chance to change trade for good.

To the Right Honourable Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade,
For Britain to be a great, global trading nation it must ensure its trade works for everyone. 
Please seize this opportunity to deliver better trade that brings prosperity to the poorest countries around the world as well as the UK. 
If you make the right choices, you have the chance to change trade for good. 

We call on you to: 

1. Act quickly. Reassure economically vulnerable countries with an immediate offer of non-reciprocal duty- and quota-free market access. 

2. Go further. Make it easier for developing countries to sell higher value products to the UK, and put in place trade policies to tackle poverty in line with our promise to deliver the SDGs. 

3. Look ahead. Study the impact of planned trade deals with wealthier countries carefully to make sure that they don’t undermine poorer countries. 

4. Use aid and investment well. Make sure that UK aid and investment helps the poorest benefit from trade by helping to strengthen and grow their local businesses. 

Yours sincerely,

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Thank you,
Head of Campaigns, 




Thank You Hon. Prime Minister Theresa May For  Changing Our Lives.

Sir Liam Fox: Confirm EU-BREXIT Trade For Good For US All & Poorest Nations in EU-BREXIT's Articles For World Communities' Better Lives In Farms. 

Dr. Caroline Hoth, P/CEO-RA Int'l Inc.